Panache Salon

Waxing FAQ

At Panache Salon & Day Spa we use 2 waxes depending on what is being waxed and what the skin and hair is like.  We use a soft wax that requires strips the remove the wax and is used mainly for larger areas being waxed. My personal favorite, Berins blue hard wax, that makes it own strip. Hard wax does not stick to the skin which makes it less irritating and can be used on the face, underarms and bikini area.

*Some medications make your skin more sensitive and should be avoided when waxing – skincare treatments with Retin-A, Differin and Accutane as well as blood thinners.  Waxing over an area where one of these products has been used, can actually remove your skin! OUCH!* 

Because all clients deserve to be offered their hair removal services in a safe and sanitary environment, we follow sanitary precautions for all hair removal .  We use clean sheets, towels, gloves, waxing sticks, tweezers, scissors, waxing strips, etc. for each client.

What We Wax: Facial hair, arms, under arms, chest, back, belly strip, bikini, Braziallin, legs, tops of feet, toes.